Inquiry into ‘pop-up’ brothels

About the inquiry
The APPG on Prostitution has launched an inquiry into the spread of so-called ‘pop-up’ brothels – a practice which involves residential properties and holiday lets being rented for a limited time and used as brothels. The investigation has been prompted by growing reports of organised crime groups establishing ‘pop-up’ brothels to sexually exploit women. The APPG on Prostitution will gather evidence on the scale of the practice, who is involved, and what action the Government should take.

Gavin Shuker MP, Chair of the APPG on Prostitution:
“There are mounting reports that organised crime groups are setting up temporary brothels around the UK to sexually exploit women for profit. But these reports are likely just the tip of the iceberg. This inquiry will shine a spotlight on the hidden world of the off-street sex trade. The APPG on Prostitution will seek out evidence on the scale of the problem, who is involved, and what action Government should take.”

How to submit evidence
Before submitting evidence please read the ‘terms of reference’ and ‘guidelines for submitting evidence’ below.

Written submissions should be emailed to

The deadline for written evidence is Monday 18th December 2017.

Terms of reference
The APPG on Prostitution is interested in examining the following topics:

The scale and nature of the practice:

  • How do pop-up brothels operate?
  • Who is involved in the operation of pop-up brothels?
  • On what scale are pop-up brothels operating and has there been an increase?

Links with organised crime:

  • What links are there between organised crime groups and pop-up brothels?

Associated harms and exploitation:

  • What is the scale and impact of sexual exploitation in pop-up brothels?
  • How do pop-up brothels impact on the wider community?

Effective responses and prevention strategies:

  • How can individuals exploited in pop-up brothels be best provided with help and support?
  • How can organised crime networks profiting from sexual exploitation be stopped?
  • What, if any, action should the government take in relation to pop-up brothels?

Guidelines on submitting evidence
Written submissions to the inquiry on ‘pop-up’ brothels should:

  • Comprise a single document. If there are any annexes or appendices, these should be included in the same document
  • Be in Word format
  • State clearly who the submission is from, in what capacity it is being submitted, and include your full contact details
  • Be less than 3000 words long
  • Begin with an executive summary in bullet point form of the main points made in the submission
  • Include a brief introduction about yourself/your organisation and your reason for submitting evidence
  • Have numbered paragraphs

If you do not wish your identity to be published alongside your submission please specify your reason. If the entirety of your submission is confidential and you do not want any part of it to be published please state your reason for this.